The Trend that is rising of Buildings in Kolkata

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November 6th, 2014 >> Fashion

The latest development in the real estate industry in Kolkata is the increase within the construction of ‘Green’ structures. These buildings optimise energy effortlessly, create less waste, usage water conservatively, preserve the environment and offer healthier spaces that are living occupants.

There are many reasons for going ‘green’ in the estate that is real, one being the reduced total of energy usage in the premises. Green structures often function unique windows and insulation within the walls which help to cut back energy consumption that is overall. Solar design is another feature incorporated by architects which provides shade to porches and windows during summer and enhances lighting that is solar heating throughout the winter season. That is optimising making use of solar power within the building.

Constructing a building that is green come at a greater expense when compared with conventional structures. Specialists think that this higher cost that is one-time negated by savings provided in the running and maintenance costs during the life cycle for the building.

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